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Which is a most un-nice thing to say, and of course I apologise. Of course. Enormously. Let's move on.

The Tour de France 2017 started today. First stage: a time trial nine miles through Dusseldorf, Germany. There is very little to report on its a time trial, I'm afraid, so let's cut to the chase: EXTREMELY wet roads + tight corners - padding on metal barriers = several riders crashing out on the veery first day, amongst them Alejandro Valverde, who was to have been Nairo Quintana's chief domestique. It's a horrible loss for the team. Worse, of course, is the list of injuries for poor Alejandro: broken patella, broken ankle, and a deep laceration on his shin. He left the course in an ambulance, straight to surgery. First word is he's not just out for the Tour, he's out for the rest of the season. Poor guy.

Geraint Thomas has become the first Welshman ever to pull on the Maillot Jaune-- well done to him! Chris Froome came in sixth, making a very, very clear statement that he's not to be trifled with this year. Like he ever is, of course.

But on to hopefully drier roads through Germany tomorrow!


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